What teachers are saying  . . . .

“The CARE practices feel like the answer to the challenges educators are facing in this current climate.”

“[CARE] has given me the tools and skills to be more calm and centered. In a particular situation, I can act in response to what is needed in the moment, rather than reacting to it…They create an atmosphere of confidence, trust, and more joy in the classroom.”

“I valued the chance to apply these processes in our own lives (rather than learn yet another curricular innovation) and the emphasis on transforming ourselves as a way to transform our classrooms.”

“As a teacher educator, I learned and re-learned vital knowledge, skills and attitudes for fostering social, emotional and academic learning in my graduate students, and through them to K-12 students in schools and other learning communities.”

“CARE for teachers was a profound experience…I deepened my listening skills, which has allowed me to be less reactive both personally and professionally. I also came to know myself better through this program…I wish all teachers would consider CARE for their personal well being in these stressful times and to help the children they inspire. It was a life changing experience.”

“I think the big thing was realizing that what I’m feeling is ok and being ok with that. And being able to say it’s ok to be exhausted, it’s ok to feel stressed, it’s ok to get angry, it’s ok to get depressed or whatever. And then to realize it’s ok to treat yourself better, to take that time for yourself. To be able to acknowledge those feelings…and then figure out how to deal with it from then on. Just stop beating myself up for everything I’m feeling and doing.”

“The interpersonal (listening) work was very powerful. Most professional trainings lack this type of experiential component, which is the type of learning that stays with me.”

“In all honesty, I feel like I evolved so much from day one…somewhere down the road I actually started to feel better. I’m breathing and doing the (practices), I guess I matured, through my caring and breathing, I really did.”

“I feel like I have learned to breathe again. I have learned to slow down and be mindful. I will do what it takes to keep this positive energy alive – that is my intention.”

“The most beneficial piece for me was learning about how emotions work because I’ve just been able to take that and apply it to my own feelings of when I feel myself getting elevated, or when it’s happening to my students, then just the understanding of how things work sort of allowed me to be able to control it. Or at least be aware of what was happening to me, you know, and then I could step back and then that’s when having the practices would come in…I often would go back and say to myself, ‘I’m sitting in my room right here, no one’s hurting me, I’m just here on the Earth, in this room…’ I can remember being in CARE, and that’s what they were talking about.”

“It’s been a great experience. It’s been very helpful. And I think it can be applicable wherever you are.”

“I like ‘attitude adjustment’. I think that’s a good way [to describe CARE]. Because it really is your whole, the way you look at lots of different things. [...] I think about myself differently, and I think about my students differently now. I think ‘attitude adjustment’ is a good way to put it, not that you had a bad one before, but you look at everything differently.”

“I’m much more calm. Even when I’m at home, drinking coffee, my mind’s not racing in a thousand different places, I’m just liking my coffee. I’ve learned how to just take things for what they are and not keep everything on my shoulders all the time. And because I’m not doing that anymore, that allows me to treat my kids better and address their needs better and try and teach them to be that way through my example.”

“I’m being more aware of the kids, more opportunities to talk with them, just more aware in general, of myself, what I’m feeling, what I’m eating, what I’m doing, where I’m going…my awareness has just been heightened. And if I can just keep reminding myself of that, just to be aware, aware of other people, aware of my own ‘stuff’, that’s a huge thing for me in life.”